Personal Testimonials

  In this section, men who were circumcised either as infants or adults - and their partners - have the opportunity to share their experiences. Since these statements are based on personal practical experiences they offer a unique insight: after all, who are in a better position to judge what circumcision is really like than those who were circumcised themselves?

  Many of the testimonies are by men who were circumcised as adults and thus have first hand experience of what life is like both with and without a foreskin. It is interesting to note that many of the claims and allegations about the negative effects of circumcision are refuted by these personal accounts.

  It is the hope that everyone who is interested in the subject - especially those who are considering to have it done themselves, as well as prospective parents - find these honest and well-meant contributions informative and useful. They will show you that there is another side of the argument - and that there are many men out there who are very happy about being circumcised, facts that are unfortunately all too often absent or overlooked in the treatment of this controversial subject. These testimonies will hopefully also help to allay fears and misconceptions about the procedure, and guide you to make the decision with confidence.

  Many of the testimonies also contain the email addresses of the writers themselves, so please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or remarks.

  New contributions are very welcome, since personal testimonies provide a unique and very valuable source of information about the practical aspects and consequences of being circumcised. For most people these are the issues that matters most. If you want to share your opinions and experiences with others, please send us your testimony at

Testimonials (with email contacts)

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