My Story

My old boarding school in Australia was very strong on tradition. In this boarding environment there was a very very strong culture of circumcision, which I think is good. It would be interesting to have some of these older public schools surveyed to find out the percentage of circumcised v. uncircumcised boys today, and what these school are doing by way of education to assist the presumed minority of hapless uncut kids - (Nothing in my day).

The least I hope they are doing is suggesting to the parents that circumcision is recommended before boarding, if for no other reason than to avoid psychological hang-ups, and to offer uncut children the opportunity to be circumcised. I understand at least two British public schools expect incoming boys to be circumcised.

In the 1950's - 1960's, the shape and size of each boys penis was a major factor in peer grouping - and I would be suprised if things were much different today. This has ongoing consequences once a child leaves school - the effect on an adolescents self esteem - relationships with girls, and so on. Through no fault of their own, uncut kids were always at the bottom of the heap. I agree with Vernon Quaintance (U.K) and his sentiment that nobody should have to go through life with the encumbrance of a foreskin. I went through sheer hell.

Into this strong circumcision culture went I, at seven years of age as a boarder - one of perhaps less than 10 uncut boys out of aprox 800 cut. Before going to boarding school I remember having problems at around 6 years of age, and my mother used to bath me, adding some sort of solution to the bath, and trying to pull my foreskin back to try and remove the smegma. (Actually, this became an early introduction to masturbation, as it was very pleasurable - and I found out later I could get the same effect by doing it myself!).

As far as my parents were concerned, my mother wanted me circumcised at birth - but my father didn't agree. I pleaded with my father after my first year of boarding school to be "cut" - but he would not allow it (he also was uncut).

At boarding school we had to shower in open showers at least twice a day, and every boys penis in the most intricate detail was known to every other boy. Some boys had great difficulty controlling erections and were always trying to hide their semi-erect red raw lumps of meat. Whilst every other boy in my dormitory was circumcised - many quite radically circ'd - I had this terrible elephants trunk foreskin that had horrible smelly secretions, and was always itchy. I became very obsessed about it, and greatly admired others who had these tight upstanding dicks. Many of the others openly despised me because I had this revolting foreskin, and quite often someone would comment........ "why dont you have it cut off and become one of us?" If only I could.

After I left school and had independent means of income, I decided to be circumcised at 18 years of age. I used to go hunting a lot, and lived in the bush for a week at a time. As usual my penis became foul smelling and very sore. So, given my intense dislike of my foreskin anyway, I saved up the money, went and summoned the courage to go and see a local GP - I also felt I would never have the courage to have it off with a woman with such a disgusting smelly dick. He agreed and a few weeks later it was all done in hosptal, with an overnight stay. The stitches hurt a bit -but so what - I was so elated at long last to be circumcised, the pain was almost a pleasure.

Having experienced life with and without a foreskin, believe me, it is just so much better if you're cut. For the male the friction is fantastic , and my wife tells me the feeling of the hard cock head moving in and out inside her is a major turn on - also just rubbing her gently on the clitoris with the end of my cock gets her going in no time - (try doing that with a loose foreskin flapping around). Women almost universally favour a circumcised penis because they can feel the penis better inside them, and they much prefer the way it looks. By comparison, a man with a foreskin having sex is akin to having a shower with a raincoat on (for both partners).

I have had my own two sons circumcised. There was simply no way they were going through whay I had been through. My wife worked at a local surgery, so it was organised for the operation to be carried out each time before they left hospital.She is strongly in favour of the operation.
At 15 and 16 years of age my sons are both strong happy handsome kids - heavily into sport (surfing, golf etc), with fair hair and lovely uncomplicated personalities - each with a well developing cut penis, each with a long pulled back inner skin between the scar and their glans. I am very proud of their circumcisions - I suspect they are too. They still walk around the house naked - our circumcision a silent bond between us.

The boys attend a day school, and so rarely if ever get their gear off in a locker room situation. However, I do know from ealier years when I had to help shower them, (and their friends), that most of their generation in this locality have foreskins - thanks no doubt to the nocirc camp and their influence on local GP's. As one who knows, several of these kids, now well into their adolescence are showing all the usual signs of problems - when going surfing they turn away when getting into a wetsuit (embarrassment??), some continually rub and scratch etc. (inflamation??) etc etc.

It seems logical to me that the best method of circumcision is to clamp off the end of the penis, drawing the excess skin from along the outside of the penis, thus leaving a large length of sensitive inner skin intact. This inside skin should then pull tightly back along the outside of the shaft.

I have never never regretted being circumcised. I hope my own story might give others some encouragement to have it cut off. Just make sure as much of the inner skin as possible is not removed, if you decide to go ahead and get the cut!



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