That's All I Needed To Know

  I was circumcised at birth. It never really entered my psyche until an unfortunate accident occurred between my frenulum and a zipper when I was 17! (The hospital had neglected to remove it when I at birth.) I had torn the frenulum and there was blood everywhere. I was rushed to the hospital where a frenulectomy as performed right there.

  Now my views on circumcision came to the fore. I read all I could about it, and how it was not the norm in Europe. Later, when I went to work in the UK and got a British girlfriend, I realised the truth of the matter. I was her first clipped lover, and she said that if only other females had the chance to experience both sides of the circumcised fence, they would fall down pro-circumcision. Plus the fact that the shape of the bared glans is inherently arousing for women, a fact men don't realize.

  That's all I needed to know. I have never had a day's problem with my penis, other than that detailed above. And that wouldn't have happened if I had had the frenulum removed when I was cut. As for hygiene, it does not figure. There is no problem.

  People say the glans dries out, becomes less sensitive. Not so if you apply a little lotion each night, gently massaging it in. And for those uncuts who say that is an added ritual they could do without- then I say you must be unclean, because foreskin cleaning is also a daily ritual. And if you don't do it... try getting your wife/girlfriend interested in you whilst you are in such an unclean state!

  Foreskins protected us from long grasses, insects and the like when we roamed the earth naked. We are civilized, and it is the mark of a civilized country that its men are circumcised.

  So whether culturally, medically, spiritually, sexually or socially, it's clear- men should be clipped. And I'm proud to be amongst their number.

Stevo, USA

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