I am a Hindu, live in North India, was circ'd  one year ago at the ripe ol age of 29. I had no problem that required a circ but it was a childhood fantasy to have a circ penis.

As a child I had seen some of the other school boys at the borading school to be different than I. But non of them remembered why they were different. The first time I heard the word circumcision was during one of the school health check ups. During those times all us residents would be lined up for examination by the school doc. After the initial dental, eye and ENT check ups and he would ask us to strip to our underwear. I remember these were rather embrassing moments. The school nurses and the doctor would be present  and the first thing the doctor would ask for would be a urine sample. The nurse would take a small tumbler and follow us into the bathroom and ask us urinate in front of her. She was there to ensure that there would be no substitution!! Also she would end up cleaning most of us who were uncut-just pulling back the foreskin and cleaning up the underneath and washing it. Those who were cut would often end up making fun of it and we were kind of looked down upon. The obvious thing was uncut boys were looked down upon. Later as I grew up I started playing tennis and in one of the tennis training camps we were all asked to undergo medical check up. The lady doc who did the check up simply told me to undergo a circumcision as "it would greatly benefit me". I still remember her words and rue the decision that I postponed the process.

For a long time I did want to be circumcised, and fantasized about it frequently. I always wonder if my fascination with circumcision would have been less intense if I would have known what it is much earlier, and if someone would have told me the benefits of circ before entering school, or that my parents had routienly done it for me. But these topics were rarely discussed at home.

I got married at 26 years culminating a 8 year old relationship. During this time we were both convinced of the benefits of circ and during one of those times last year when my wife was away on a long tour I decided to muster enough courage to get an appointment with the surgeon. While I was waiting for him in the hospital the duty doctor walked up to me and was asking why i was there - so I told her what I was there for. I remember she almost scolded me for not having got it done in childhood!! Later when the surgeon came  he asked me to strip andthe nurse almost exclimed that "it should definatly be circed" I tried the usual excuses of pain in retracting my foreskin and infections, but he soon saw through me and asked if I wanted a circ done, my heart skipped a heartbeat and I quickly said yes of course I want one done.   I was given a date and told to turn on the D day.

I arrived on the D day feeling a little scared and feeling little embrassed as I knew it would be an overnight stay in the hospital and during that many people would be seeing me. The operation was scheduled at the end of the day as I had asked. I completed my office work and then got to the hospital and I had thought that the weekend would help me recover faster. (I have to drive a bike 6-7 kms to work) At the hospital  after checking in I was given a room and I was relaxing when two nurses came in started preparing me mentally for the operation. They told me about the process and how it is such a minor thing and the recovery time and what benefits there are in it and how it would be all fine and nice. I could almost seen a shine in their eyes in their attempts to tell me how nice it would be. Anyway soon they told me to strip and wear a long green dress that covered nothing. Soon they came with the stretcher and wheeled me in. I was feeling cold as it was winter and I was wearing nothing except this gown so first I told them to make me feel a little warm put some blanket one me. Once inside the operation theatre they prepared me medically for the circ. Two nurses spent a lot of time cleaning up the place.One of the nurses pulled back my foreskin which the last time I saw it on me and cleaned it with alcohol and then started swabbing my pubic area with some red antiseptic. That was embrassing to say the least but there was also an element of eroticism in the whole process which last a good 10 minutes or so. I kept throwing questions at them and they like seasoned nurses kept telling me the answers about the procedure and recovery. It seems they quite enjoyed the fact that they were doing it on yet another person. During this time I learnt that it was rather accepted practice and that on that particular day only the hospital had performed more than 20 circ. Thats quite a lot but then so is India's population!!! Soon the doc arrived and told me what process he would do and how much it would be cut. I loved the whole idea of him trying to tell me in front of these ladies how nice it would be and how I will "love his art creation"!!! I told him it would be better if my wife loved the look of his art creation.

After I was given a local anasthic I was told that they are now ready. While the doctor was circumcising me, the nurses were telling me how the doctor was doing a wonderful job and Id be looking great afterwards, how much of an improvement it would be. Within 20 minutes it was all done and slowly I regained consciousness. I was being wheeled out when the other hospital staff told me that it is just nothing and soon I would be fine. I satyed in the hospital that day. All night I was troubled by erection and I was scared that what if I break any of the stitches. Fortunately that did not happen. I was given a tight circ and the frenulum was completely removed.

Within 3 days I went back to the doctor for a check up and he told me I was recovering fine and was quickly on my way to speedy recovery. The painkillers and bandage were over in 4 days and within twenty days I was able to see the impact of the art creation. My wife loved it and our love making has been so great, just out of the world experience ever since. I love the circumcised look of my penis and when I mastrubate, it's larger and no more extra skin to restrict my erection.

My wife has found my new state just perfect. She told me how much she had wanted this to happen long ago but our financial status could not permit us then.  We are both very happy that this has been done. Our love making sessions now are more spontanous. Love making goes on for more than an hour. she loves to give me head. We are both well endowed and the best has been she putting it between her rather heavy boobs. She says a circ penis is definately better not just for giving head , but also for intercourse, manual stimulation, and visual appeal. She says that this is primarily due to circumcised penises being cleaner and looking sexier. The sensation has increased tremendously. One year on there is just a small lil scar and a huge (8 plus) beautiful looking penis. I procrastinated to long for almost many years because of fear of pain and lack of knowledge of the benefits. In hindsight, I regret that I should have done it earlier. Both my wife and I have decided that if we have a son he is definatly getting this gift as a child. 

Being an adult and getting a circ leaves one in the unique position of knowing how it feels on both sides of the fence.

Just to given one example on the Hindu-Muslim that it seems draws so much adverse publicity for my country- There is modest social cohesion in the society there are many hindus married off to Muslims and vice-versa.

Recently I a friend of mine who is a hindu, and his wife a muslim had their son's circ done. The little child was 1 year a few months old. There was a bit of a cermoney. He was given local anest and the whole process was over in less than half and hour. Many friends and relatives had gathered. Many of us were clicking photographs and recorded it as well. Of the many friends, the wives were in teasing moods, telling the husbands (and other friends) to have it done if it is not already done. I remember my wife had a certain sense of superiority complex telling everyone how good it has been for us-she kind of just held court for a while!! She is particularly pleased that whole process has helped the two of us. The whole process of love making has completely undergone a change for the good. The particular office that work in, has a couple muslim ladies and often during lunch they are found teasing men from other religions on this ground.

AR-North India
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