A Proud Dad

I was circumcised as a child (In the early 50's) and two of my three boys were circumcised as infants. My oldest boy wasn't, and had to have the proceedure done at a later time. Talk about trauma!

I have been a career military man, and have seen the problems experienced by uncircumcised troops in the field, as well. Lack of proper hygiene, etc.,. in a combat environment.

Reading these web sites, the only thing I really get from them is that there are a goodly number of people who have an unwarranted axe to grind. I suppose, they can't rationalize that, even now, the benefits balance out the contra-indications. If they're basing their objections on sensitivity alone, let me assure them that a circumcised penis is totally receptive to the job. In fact, the percentage of diminished sensitivity has, at least for the last 20+ years of my marriage, been a benefit to me and my wife's sex life.

By the way, my spouse is German, and has long been in favor of the proceedure as well. Of course, I am in total agreement that analgesic applications prior to the excision should be employed.

We are hoping to adopt a boy from Europe soon. We have discussed whether to have him circumcised... a very short discussion. In fact, we are in contact with several European doctors who are willing to do the proceedure before we take our prospective son back to the States!

The only thing that I can say regarding the crusaders out there is that I'm sorry. Foreskin envy is hard to overcome. But why should it come to that in the first place? Oh, and by the way, in my 47 years on the planet, I have never experienced any of the problems that have been stated in anti-circumcision articles...and neither have my sons. Especially the one who had it done later in life. Two of them have made me a grandfather... and their boys are circumcised as well. And, yes, they were present at the event. Anesthesia was utilized, and they report that the babies slept through it all. No problems there.

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