Don't Regret It For A Minute

When I was a kid, I had a friend who was circumcised and was very happy with it. In the shower, he always proudly showed us his penis with denuded glans. At that time I wasn't yet aware of the benefits of having a circumcised penis. Later, when I became sexual active, I discovered the drawbacks of having a foreskin.

After a masturbation session or sexual intercourse, my long overhanged foreskin got always very sore. It also turned red on the very end and appeared to have little cuts around it. The frenulum also was very tight when I was erect. So, a few years ago at the age of 22, I went for a circumcision.

Before I was circumcised, I had no idea of tight and loose, high and low circumcision styles and the surgeon did not ask me how I would like it. The circumcision was done in a hospital by the urologist and with general anaesthesia. The foreskin was removed to where the inner foreskin and shaft skin meet so that there's a small gap between the scar and the corona in the flaccid state. The glans is always uncovered.

The frenulum was removed, too. The remaining skin was sutured with 10 stitches. Immediately after the operation, the bleeding was negligible. Over the next few hours, a swelling developed in the area of the circumcision line. The swelling vanished within a couple days. The healing proceeded normally and took some 14 days.

There was not much pain. However, the penis glans, not being devoid of the foreskins protection, felt very sensitive. Because of that, I had an almost constant erection for the next 10 days. It took me awhile to adapt to the new feeling and the new sensations before being able to take a walk without being constantly aroused. 14 days after the procedure, I tried to masturbate first. The orgasm was very intense, much more intensive than before my circumcision. A few weeks later I tried to have intercourse and it was .... great. Oral sex was like Heaven.

After circumcision, there's much more difference in the sensations I feel. So, the possible losing of a little bit of sensitivity for me is more than equalized by the greater variance. Sex is much more joyful, because I can feel a lot more. Masturbation is much better. Rubbing my glans with a lubricant is incomparably better than with the foreskin. It doesn't hurt anymore and because of the wide scale of stimulation intensity, I can masturbate for hours. I also masturbate more often than I did before my circumcision and I have awful good orgasms.

Sex with a circumcised penis is much better. In general the circumcised penis head is larger and permits better contact. Since the rim usually flares out more, it also produces more contact and stronger sensations. The out stroke produces friction on the rim of the head which the uncircumcised guy usually does not enjoy. When the skin rolls over the head on the out stroke of an uncircumcised penis, this friction on the glans and corona is largely eliminated. The head has slightly less sensitivity after circumcision, but the rim of the head is always exposed and friction on the rim provides a tremendous sensation. Females also prefer the cut penis for reasons of cleanliness, appearance and claim that sex is better for them also.

In reality, most men circumcised as adults, as I am, report better sex after being cut and their wives/girlfriends seem to agree. I personally don't regret even for one minute my decision of having a circumcision, and I can only recommend it for everyone.

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