Wow, Am I Happy

  I was born in the mid forties and was circumcised in the doctor's office at the age of one month However, it wasn't until I was thirty that I found out about this infant surgery! So little foreskin had been removed that I thought I was uncircumcised.

  I knew that most of the other boys, with whom I went to elementary and secondary school, had penises that looked very different from mine. I greatly envied these pals!

  I had developed insulin-dependent diabetes at the age of four. As a result of this condition and a severe case of phimosis, I was advised, at 30, to be circumcised. I was thrilled at the thought of the proposed surgery! I might add here, that my phimosis was so severe that to retract my very tight foreskin caused splitting skin and a good amount of bleeding. This was a good source of possible infection for a brittle diabetic!

  My family doctor told me that if a man seeks medical attentrion for phimosis, the doctor will immediately check the man's blood sugar level. Phimosis is often a symptom of diabetes in a male. A reputable urologist performed my surgery, and I healed relatively quickly and very well, in spite of my diabetes.

  At my three week post-operative exam, the surgeon told me that if there hadn't been so much scar tissue from my first "circumcision" at a month old, that this second and very successful surgery would have progressed much more easily and quickly for him. I was floored at this news about being circumcised at an early age! I asked my mother about this and she confirmed the surgeon's statement.

  I and my wife are extremely happy about my circumcised penis! I have much more sexual pleasure now than I ever had when most of my foreskin was uncut!

  You uncircumcised guys, don't knock it 'til you've tried it, and you circumcised guys be proud of it and do all you can to promote its cause! I do and I'm thrilled to be among the many circ'd guys in the world!


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