General news and interviews about circumcision

"Circumcision: Source of Life or Death?" by By Samuel Silver, Chairman (

For the article,click here.

Circumcision, HIV & Population Growth on the ABC Radio Program "Science Show"

An interview with the noted Australian physiologist Prof Roger Short on the connection between circumcision and lack of HIV-Aids infections. For a transcript of the show,click here.

ABC Interview on HIV-AIDS by Norman Swan

Professor Jack Caldwell, a world expert on AIDS in Africa, explains in a talk he gave as part of Science Week during May 2001 in Canberra, why HIV-AIDS is so common. Also, AIDS orphans, a study in the U.S. looked at children whose parents have died from HIV-AIDS. For the interview,click here.

European attitudes towards personal cleanliness

  In the February 18 (1999) issue of Time Magazine, the journalist Calvin Trillin writes about his experience in France, writing that "some friends of mine returned form a stay in Provence last week, and I had to restrain myself from asking how the French are smelling these days". This quasi-humorous remark is, however, not without foundation. Statistics about the level of personal hygiene in many European countries make for some really disturbing reading. E.g., according to an article that appeared in the New York Times not so long ago, only 47% of the French bathe on a daily basis.

Urinary-tract infections are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics

  A study of the treatment of urinary-tract infections (UTI), published in the February edition of the Journal of the American Medical Society, has shown that UTI are increasingly becoming resistant to a treatment with antibiotics. The results of the study showed that nearly 18% of the infections present today - i.e. double the percentage in 1992 - are resistant to the most widely used antibiotics. What is furthermore very alarming, is that other drugs that are penecilin-based no longer work in 33% (i.e. 1 in 3) infections.

  Since circumcision is known to reduce the risks of UTI substantially - see the Sections The Benefits of Circumcision and The Lack of Circumcision and Urinary Tract Infections - these findings once again underline the very valuable prophylactic nature of circumcision.

WebMD interview with Dr. Daniel Halperin on the connection between AIDS and the lack of circumcision  

  WebMD Health recently held an interview with the noted HIV/AIDS researcher Dr. D. Halperin of the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies and Medical Antropology Program of the University of California at San Francisco.

  Click here to read the interview, or go to the WEBMD website. The article in question was published in the the medical journal The Lancet (see here for the press release).

Commentary by Canadian Media Personality Michael Coren

  Michael Coren is a well known Canadian radio and TV talk show host, who has spoken out if favor of tradition and parentsī right to choose what is best for their infant sons. His commentary can be heard here (ram file format) (file size: 372 kB). Used with kind permission.

"The Case for Circumcision" by Gordy Slack, Eastbay Express, May 15, 2000

A very topical article about Dr Edgar Schoen, who is a very highly regarded pediatrician working at the Kaiser Institute in San Franciso.

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