His Body, His Choice?

(posted from the circlist.com website)

Most parents who choose not to circumcise, justify their decision by saying; "his body, his choice - HE can have it done if he wants". This implies they are fair minded and offering the option. In reality for most boys this is not the case. If the boy does want a circumcision he faces several formidable hurdles in front of him:

1) Just raising this subject with his parents can be a daunting thing for the average youngster. He may have already asked why he is different from his pals and been told firmly that they didn't have him done because they didn't think it was a good idea. Few, if any will add; "but if you'd like it done, we'll fix it for you" The odds are he has picked up the vibes and knows its a subject "off limits".

2) If he overcomes the problem above, most parents are going to do their best to talk him out of it. They'll tell him he's too young, doesn't know his own mind, that he'll change it later and it would be too late. That it will involve terrible pain and discomfort and cripple him for life. No matter his friends are cut, he won't like it, they're the unfortunates etc... Best wait until he's adolescent and we'll talk about it then. Having made their decision for him when he was a babe they're hardly likely to concede the argument now.

3) So he's adolescent and concerned about what the girls might think about his foreskin. They may love it but he doesn't think so. He can't explain this to his parents, Jeez! what on earth is he thinking about? Sex? Go and take a cold shower son!

4) So he's a young adult. If he still wants to be cut, he has to earn some cash to pay for it, find a doctor who'll do it and contemplate painful surgery and convalescence. What if it isn't good afterwards? Maybe his parents were right after all? If only they'd cut off his foreskin before he knew he had one he wouldn't be agonizing like this.

Yes, his parents made a lifetime choice for him just as surely as those who had their sons cut! Only the most determined youngster will cross the divide against odds like these, unless they have an unusually fair minded parent, who stick by their promise. He can have it done if HE wants!

Source: http://www.circlist.com