These links contain more information on many aspects dealing with circumcision and are well worth checking out. Please note that we do not assume responsibility for the contents of these off-site links.
A new site by James Badger dealing with many aspects involving circumcision.
CIRCUMCISION ONLINE NEWS. One of the earliest web sites dealing with circumcision.
An expanded site by Dr. Brian Morris containing a lot of information on circumcision based on scientific studies. Site updated in 2006.
A great new site offering information about the benefits of circumcision at various ages, by Dr. Edgar J. Schoen.

International Circumcision Information Reference Centre (ICIRC)
Lot of useful information about many aspects of circumcision, including medical papers and personal experiences.

Discussion groups, medical, sexual and personal information regarding every aspect of circumcision.
Note to parents: this site also contains information and pictures of an explicit nature that may not be suitable to minors.

Circumcision Information by Dr. Gerald Weiss, M.D.
Dr. Gerald Weiss is an experienced medical doctor who has a lot of practical experience in the field.

Information about circumcision (in German).

"Circumcision FAQ"
Some FAQs regarding the circumcision are answered on this site

Circumcision Information and Resources Pages (CIRP)
Information about circumcision with a distinctly (if not openly proclaimed) anti-circumcision bias. In spite of this disadvantage, it contains a lot of information, e.g. about the circumcision procedure, and a selection of on-line articles.

Advocating Circumcision Today (ACT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educate people on the Jewish Circumcision Ceremony - the Bris Milah - by providing information and resources.

Brit Milah
A guide for prospective parents by Rabbi Moshe Shulman.

Pollock Clinics (Vancouver, Canada)
Clinic in Vancouver providing circumcisions as well as a lot of information about the procedure (including video).
Circumcision: A guide for parents by Professor Brian Morris
British site providing circumcisions for boys and men, as well as a lot of information. by Professor Brian Morris
National Center for Health Statistics: Trends in circumcisions among newborns
General discussion about circumcision - Health Directory and Fitness Resource

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