Quotes Of Various Anti-Circumcision Activists

These quotes give you an idea as to what type of fanatical minds are behind much of the anti-circ movement. This is not to say that all members of anti-circ groups support or agree with such things, but there are those who secretly condone such beliefs. A number of these people were the pioneers of this movement and provided support and the building blocks for the anti-circ crusade of today.

Frederick Leboyer M.D., author of Birth Without Violence.

Part of a letter sent to Rosemary Romberg, author of Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma.

"Once we remember that all that takes place during the first days of life on the emotional level shapes the patterns of all future reactions , we cannot but wonder why such a torture has been inflicted on the child. How could a being who has been aggressed in this way, while totally helpless, develop into a relaxed, loving, trusting person? Indeed, he will always never be able to trust anyone in life. He will always be on the defensive, unable to open up to others and to life."

This next set of quotes, is a sample of the most extreme type of anti-circumcision, antisemitism, individual. Some find it hard to believe but such people do exists.

The Jews And Needless Male Circumcision

A Racial Loyalty

-March 1985-page 9. by Rev. Carles C. Messick III, H.P.

-"The Jew has been striving for the wimping of the White male for thousands of years and has been largely successful. One of his more fiendish methods has been the practice of circumcision. The effeminate, anti-Nature Jews have emasculated themselves through a very cruel, primative and painful practice called circumcision. The ignorant Christian who worships Jews and want to become more like them, try and emulate the Jews by following their barbaric tribal laws and practices, circumcision among them."

-"Could the Jews have discovered that like beating a dog brings on docile and cowardly reactions, circumcision brings on less than manly attributes in the males who are circumcised and saps their will to be men? That almost like castration, circumcision produces effeminate characteristics, and perhaps even homosexuality?"

-"Not only does circumcision cheat the man of his natural right to enjoy sex but leads to sexual frustration in females also. Of course if you are a bible believing, Jew-loving Christian you will also believe that sex is ugly, sinful and only to be utilized for purpose of conceiving offspring and those are created in sin anyway."

-"Circumcision is a ghastly, barbaric practice that is Jewish in nature and a hand over from the dregs of their savage past."

-"It has been surreptitiously sold to the White Race in only recent times through Jewish propaganda and proliferation of Jewish doctors."

-"It is unworthy of the advanced White Race to accept such a barbaric practice, just as it is to accept nigger music, nigger and/or Jewish practices, mores and religions."

-"It is the first lethal blow inflicted on the White male infeminizing him, making him a whimp, and punishing our society into the idea of unisex."
Rev. Carles C. Messick III, H.P.